3 Ways to Avoid Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, workplace violence is a fast-growing problem for many businesses worldwide. However, violence while at work can be prevented and reduced when employers and employees are more educated about the subject. Here are three ways you can avoid workplace violence within your company.

Offer Preventative Training

Violence can lead to many other company problems if not handled properly. This is why offering preventive training is essential to the health of your business. Employees equipped with proactive training opportunities will help enforce safety in the workplace and know what to do if it does happen.

Spot the Signs

Business owners must recognize and understand how to react to potential violence within the workplace. When offenders mouth off and are outwardly confrontational or use verbal abuse, individuals should notify management or the proper authorities. Additionally, employers and employees can prevent sexual harassment issues with a better education. Sexual harassment behaviors often include:

  • Unwelcomed sexual advances
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Lewd gestures
  • Sexually explicit jokes, emails or texts

Understand Your Industry

While violence isn’t unique to one industry, some are more prone to experience workplace violence. Recent studies indicate that healthcare and social service sectors are more likely to experience violent incidents.

Business owners can reduce violence at the workplace with proper education and knowledge. Employers and employees can create a safe environment by spotting warning signs and creating better understanding.