3 Businesses That Need a California Fleet Auto Insurance Company

Fleet Auto Insurance Company

A fleet is a group of vehicles that a single company owns. The vehicles can be ships, airplanes, cars, or trucks, and the size of the group varies from two to hundreds or even thousands. Rather than buying and managing multiple coverages, most companies with fleets instead purchase a single policy from a California fleet auto insurance company. Here are three types of businesses and why they use fleet insurance.

Pest Control

Business owners in the pest control industry, whether they specialize in insect extermination or humane wildlife removal, must own a number of company vehicles to service client homes. Protecting them all under one policy makes paying monthly premiums much simpler.


A large percentage of landscapers are self-employed with only a handful of workers besides themselves. Fleet insurance allows these entrepreneurs to protect their company vehicles as well as any personal vehicles they use for work.


Private companies that provide security services tend to update their fleets with new vehicles periodically. Fleet coverage saves them the hassle of purchasing new policies and taking old vehicles off the existing ones.

Many more types of businesses besides these three also use fleet insurance to mitigate risks. If your company has more than one vehicle, you should consider becoming one of them.