Month: September 2020

Workers Comp Insurance

Is Workers Comp Insurance Required in New Jersey?

Each state has its own set of workers comp rules and regulations. New Jersey is no exception. in fact, the state requires coverage for most entities doing business within its borders. When you manage a business that is located or operates in the state, it is important to perform research into who must carry workers comp in New Jersey. What NJ Businesses Must Carry Workers Comp Coverage? New...
Semi Truck Insurance

What You Need to Know About Semi Truck Insurance

Congratulations! You've acquired a commercial truck. Now that you are an owner-operator, you're ready to hit the road. Before you hop in the cab, you'll want to find the right semi truck insurance policies to protect you from unexpected costs down the road. There are many types of trucking insurance to consider. Types of Commercial Truck Insurance Primary Liability covers the damage that might...