Month: June 2020

hospitality risk

The Cyber Risk of the Hospitality Industry

A cyber attack can spell financial ruin for many companies. Not only can it hurt your company financially, but it can sour your reputation. The hotel industry is, particularly at risk. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate those risks. Why Is the Hospitality Industry at Risk? All businesses have cyber risks. The hotel industry tends to have more cyber risks than most, however. This is because...
social workers

Professional Risks and Protection for Social Workers

Social workers manage risks as a critical part of their profession. They must consider the safety of their clients and balance multiple ethical and moral responsibilities simultaneously. After long days of managing risks on behalf of other people, the last thing a social worker should have to face is a separate set of risks on themselves as a response to their work.  With professional liability...
working from home

Steps To Increase Security in Remote Working Situations

An increasing number of people are working remotely. What was once a convenience has become a necessity that has allowed many businesses to survive physical office closures. With that convenience, however, there are also risks. When you look at working from home from a cybersecurity standpoint, there are several areas of risk that stand out. These include unsecured networks, an increase in...