Month: February 2020

Huntersure LLC

Understanding Insurance Policies for Media-Related Firms

Whether you’re a broadcaster or run an advertising agency, being involved in the world of media requires you to be equipped with the right insurance. To choose the proper coverage, you first need to understand what to expect from media liability insurance. Here’s an overview of this vital type of coverage for media-related firms. What’s Included in Media Liability? Most media liability...
Arroyo Insurance

Why You Need Construction Insurance

Contractors in the construction industry face unique risks, including vandalism, theft, and injury. For that reason, the law requires all construction projects to be covered by insurance, which is designed to protect employees and third-party workers alike. Consider the main reasons why you need construction insurance. Protecting Your Business According to Arroyo Insurance, the right insurance...

Important Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies indeed open themselves up for some big liability risks just by providing their services. Essentially, a staffing agency acts as the middle-man between employees and employers. As such, they have responsibilities for both parties. If a mishap occurs in either direction, this can spell bad news for the staffing agency. Fortunately, the right insurance will give you peace of mind...