Month: December 2019

HILB Group

Insuring Your Commercial Machinery and Tools

If you rely on heavy equipment to help get a job done, malfunctions in the equipment can throw off your completion timeline, delivery mandates, and even create dangerous working conditions. In addition to carrying a commercial property insurance plan that could cover certain damages or injuries, the experts at HILB Group advise that you also secure an industrial equipment insurance policy....

Sourcing a Coverage Provider

When you need to find the right liability coverage, it can help to search through an insurance company directory for a provider that carries the services you need. There are many different exposures to be aware of, whether you are a commercial business or an average citizen needing to find car insurance. Choosing a provider that displays a variety of policies within the specific area of coverage...

Big Ship Blue Card Certification

Blue cards are designed to be carried by ships carrying oil or other products that could be harmful to the area or environment should a spill occur from the vessel transporting the product. The Blue Card, or Bunker Convention Cover insurance, serves as a certification that the shipowner has the necessary indemnity coverage required to allow the transport of the cargo through the area waters. The...